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Buying a home in another country can be tricky sometimes, and the buying process is different from when you seek a property in your home country.

At Exceptional Marbella, we stand by your side during the entire process to guide you in the most personal way possible. As it might all seem overwhelming at first, you’ll notice that the process from beginning to end is actually not that complex at all!

Here is an overview of what our typical buying process looks like:​



To start purchasing a home in Marbella and its surroundings, we always recommend doing a financial calculation beforehand, so the process will be smoother once you find your dream home.



Contact us and let us know your desires and needs and we will cherry pick the best suitable properties that suit your requirements. 

If you are open to it, we will even come and visit your current home to get to know you personally and to see the home you are currently living in, so we can find something that suits you.


Plan your trip

Once you have seen a few properties that have caught your attention, we advise you to visit us in Marbella.



We will organise viewings for the most suitable properties together, so we can visit them together during your stay.


Legal Representative

We will help you find a legal representative that we know is trustworthy and that we’ve worked with in the past.



When you have found something that matches your requirements, the next step is discussing the pricing of the property.


Reservation Contract ​

In order to secure the property, you need to put down a reservation amount (that is normally between €6,000  and €20,000). This transfer will be done to the lawyer’s client account .


Purchase Contract​

Approximately 1 month after the reservation contract is signed, and the due diligence has been carried out successfully, both vendor and buyer sign the purchase contract. This is between 10%-30% (depending on the situation) of the agreed price of the property, minus the reservation fee, and is transferred to the lawyer’s client account.


Completion and access​

The final step is to transfer the remainder of the agreed price to the vendor at the notary. Once this is done, you will be handed the key to the property! 

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