The Advantages of Living in Marbella

Marbella has long been known as the Spanish dream town where almost anyone would like to live. This leads to a lot of demand for villas and retreats in and around this city. Because who would not want to spend their days there!

In terms of living in Marbella, you should think of advantages such as: 

Dream location: This advantage may be obvious, but should certainly not go unmentioned. The fact that Marbella is such a dream location will certainly remain the reality for decades to come. The pleasant Spanish temperatures combined with the walking distance to the beach play a central role in this. Properties in Marbella will always keep this appeal. 

Combination with investing: It is not uncommon to invest in a property in Marbella, which you will then eventually live in yourself, for example when you retire. Until then, it is possible to rent out the property every year. When you start living in it yourself, you may have already earned back the entire purchase price in rental income. 

Although there are many advantages you might already be thinking about immediately like the pleasant climate. However, there might be many additional advantages that you might not have thought about at all.

Financial Advantages of Investing in Marbella

Did you know that Marbella is currently a financial paradise for investors? In Marbella, this is true for the following reasons: 

Rising house prices: Under normal circumstances, the value of the average home in Marbella continues to increase every year. If you buy now, chances are that in a few years you will already reap the benefits. Especially in combination with renting out the property. Rental prices have also been increasing annually for some time now. 

Little risk: The housing market is in itself a very stable market. People basically always need a place to live. Hence, house prices may fluctuate slightly, but ultimately always seem to rise over a long period of time. Even if it should happen that your house is temporarily worth less. Then you can assume that this will eventually be rectified. 

Why invest in Marbella?

The Ultimate Location for Your Dream home

The location of a dream home is ultimately critical. No matter how perfect the home itself is. It turns out that the following requirements regarding the location of the absolute dream home are often mentioned: 

Being near the sea: There is little better than a wonderful day at the beach. Or watching the sunset or sunrise while enjoying a walk on the beach. Not to mention taking a refreshing dip on a hot day. 

Having a peaceful environment: Some people are real city people. They love crowds. However, the majority of people prefer to look for peace and quiet. Besides things like work, sports and social occasions, you also need space to completely unwind. For example, in your old age, but also certainly in between. 

Access to all the basic necessities of life nearby: Living completely isolated is also not an option. Moreover, for many people this quickly becomes boring. So it is nice when there is, for example, a shopping center nearby. And when there are places to eat and drink where you can seek out the occasional social contact.   

Did you know that all these requirements come together in Marbella?

Want to know more about the possibilities in Marbella? Inquire about it now at Exceptional Marbella! 

Newly Constructed Houses on the Costa del Sol

Always wanted to live in a warm, quiet and above all sunny country? And preferably for a price that is not too high? Then the new-build properties on the Costa del Sol might be the perfect solution for you! 

The Costa del Sol in Spain is originally a well-known vacation resort. It is actually always nice and warm, while the beach is never far away. That’s why it attracts a relatively large number of tourists in the summer months. 

The only concern people often have is the state of the properties. Especially when you yourself are used to a country like the Netherlands. You mostly hear questions like: 

  • – How old are the homes?
  • – Is there more chance of damage in a country like Spain? 
  • – Are the properties safe? 


It is nice to find out that there are now many new construction options in a place like Marbella. All of the above questions can then be answered immediately in the affirmative. The homes simply look brand new! 

At Exceptional Marbella we are happy to help you find the right property. Whether you want to live there yourself or see it purely as an investment, doesn’t matter. The possibilities are there. 

Contact us now and take the first step towards owning a new home on the Costa del Sol!

Why invest in Marbella?

Building your Personal Dream Home

After a long search, it is always possible to find a home that meets most of your personal requirements. But in practice it is difficult to find a home that is 100% what you are looking for. 

This is why more and more people are taking matters into their own hands. Instead of buying a house, they choose to build one. A big step, you might think.

But not when you use the right guidance. 

At Exceptional Marbella, we have been a guide in building homes in and around the city of Marbella for years. As a result, we know better than anyone what you need, what to look out for, and how to handle the entire construction process. 

This leads to, among other things: 

  • Finding the right location
  • Using the right materials
  • Saving a lot of unnecessary costs

Moreover, there is a good chance that the value of your home will continue to rise in the coming years. This is the effect of a popular residential property. Again, you can benefit from this at a later date.

How to invest in Marbella

Investing in real estate is a decision you don’t take lightly. Of course you think carefully about it. Ideally, you follow a certain process.

This looks approximately as follows:

First, it is important to determine what your budget is approximately. How much money do you have available to make an investment?
Next, you start looking for a location. Where are there currently good investment opportunities? Which locations have a certain appeal?
Then you weigh the pros and cons of a real estate investment. Are the properties in good condition? Do you expect them to increase in value?
Finally, you enter into the investment and start taking advantage of the benefits previously identified.

This is how we at Exceptional Marbella will guide you through the process. We have already found the location for you; Marbella, Spain.

Are you interested in the possibilities of investing in Marbella? Then please let us know as soon as possible by contacting us. See you soon!

Why this is the perfect time to invest in Marbella

All in all, there are 3 clear reasons why right now is an amazing time to invest in a property in Marbella. These are: 

Extremely low savings rate: The interest you currently receive on your savings account is extremely low. So it is a shame to leave your money in the bank. Choose instead to invest in real estate, which in the long run yields substantial profits. 

Favourable housing market in Spain: The housing market in Spain is currently revived. After a difficult period due to the global crisis in 2009, house prices have been rising for about 5 years. Marbella in particular is becoming increasingly popular. 

New wave of new homes: Additional new-build homes have recently become available again. This means that you buy a new, secure and fully serviced home. Easy to maintain and with an expectation of increasing in value for many years to come. 

Would you like to benefit from this ideal moment to make a real estate investment in Marbella? Then get in touch with us at Exceptional Marbella. We will be happy to tell you all about the opportunities that are available right now! 

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